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bulletOctober 2023: head of executive deparment teaching with media
bulletJanuary 2022: design of a Virtual Anatomy
bulletOctober 2021: design and implementation of a livestream systems for lectures at the medical university of Graz
bulletOctober 2018: introduction of a lecture recording system at the medical university of Graz and a new video portal VITAL
bulletJune 2017: Austrian state price „Ars Docendi“ for innovative teaching in the category “innovative teaching models having a huge number of students” by implementing a non-linear-story telling concept within first aid and emergency medicine.
bulletOctober 2014 - September 2015: active participation in the development of the training program "eDidactics" for media didactic and computer based teaching
bulletMarch 2013: Winner of Dr. Michael Hasiba promotion prize 2011/2012 for innovative university teaching issued by the medical association of Styria. This price was issued for the introduction of a new virtual microscope at the Medical University of Graz.
bulletDecember 2010: official member of the academy for new media and knowledge transfer of the Karl Franzens University, Graz
bulletOctober 2010: introduction of the new learning management system VMC/Moodle as the main eLearning system of the Medicial University Graz
bulletJune 2003: assignment by the European Commission as an official expert for the evaluation of Co-operative Research proposals under the 1st call of the 6th Research Framework Programme.
bulletJune until November 2000: official Austrian expert selected from the DG-Research of the European Commission on the topic "mobility of researchers in Europe - Scientific Careers".
bulletJune 1999:member of the CEN/ISSS standardizing group on Learning Technologies in Europe.
bulletJune 1999: an interactive CD-ROM course on Physics  we developed for the university of applied sciences FH-Joanneum in Graz won the Austrian state prize for Multimedia in the category “learning, knowledge and culture”.
bulletFebruary 1999: ICT strategy paper for the company developed under my leadership was officially approved by the managing directors of JOANNEUM RESEARCH.

Curriculum Vitae  

bullet2008 - now: deputy head of executive department teaching with media "virtual medical campus" with a main focus on eLearning and media didactics the at the Medical University of Graz
bullet1997 - 2008: research scientist and head of digital media group at JOANNEUM RESEARCH (Institute of Information Systems & Information Management - now: Digital) (download recommendation - German only)
bulletFebruary - September 2000: lecturer at the university of applied sciences (FH-JOANNEUM) in Graz, subject: hardware and software. Main topics were: architecture of computers, data transmission, computer networks, OSI model and protocols, software engineering and key concepts of the object oriented approach.
bullet1994 – 1997: research fellow at the Institute for Computer Graphics at the University of Technology in Graz. Writing of PhD thesis. One month studying at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia. Supervisor: Ass. Prof. Dr. Nalin Sharda.
bulletMarch 1994: software design and implementation of industrial control systems under MS Windows (Visual C++, Visual Basic) at Zurk GmbH
March 1993: database design and programming database applications at Austrian Energy & Environment

Download detailed curriculum vitae: English version / German version

"It's the circle of life
and it moves us all
through despair and through hope
through faith and love
till we find our place
on the path unwinding
in the circle, the circle of life"
(Tim Rice)


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