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bullet1979 - 1987 high school (Keplergymnasium) in Graz A-level certification passed with distinction
bullet1987 1993 master study at University of Technology in Graz subject "Telematik" (information technology & computer science) graduation in March 1993 with a Master Degree in science (German equivalent: Dipl.‑Ing.)
bullet1995 - 1997 PhD study at the University of Technology in Graz:  in December 1997 successful defence of PhD thesis,  PhD in technical sciences (German equivalent: Dr. techn.)

Additional skills

bulletStatement of accomplishement with distinction from University of Michigan for the course "Internet history, technology and security"
bulletDiploma with distinction received from WIFI Styria: "trainer for adults"
bulletParticipation in several seminars for personality development. Topics included: sales management, rhetoric, body language, efficient leadership of meetings, presentation traning, advanced conflict management, argumentation and SAP for project leader (download certificates).


bulletAcquisition & management of large, international research projects (> 4M Euro budget)
bulletLeadership of research groups (> 20 people)
bulletMain research areas: eLearning and new media, content analysis and media monitoring, metadata standards in broadcast & postproduction area
bulletProgramming languages: C/C++, Pascal, Visual Basic; OS: Windows, Unix

Please follow this link to download my A-level-certification, certificates from seminars and my WIFI diploma.

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